What’s Working & What’s Not: Optimizing Your Caregiver Recruitment, Interviews & Onboarding

Todd Austin, Home Care Pulse

Many providers are nearing desperation when it comes to hiring new caregivers, but here’s what you can do today to optimize your recruitment efforts. Join Todd Austin, Chief Operating Officer of Home Care Pulse, and a panel of Florida home care providers as they talk specifics when it comes to what’s working and what’s not for caregiver recruitment. We’ll hit on:
Recruitment – Employee referral programs, tweaking your job ads, and which partners/platforms are actually driving results;
Interviewing and Hiring – Improving time to hire, leveraging your current staff, and using technology to enhance interviews and onboarding; and,
Onboarding – Creating a blended learning orientation, building a caregiver mentorship program and tracking everything during the first 90 days.

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