Home Care 2021: Six Seismic Shifts Shaping the Future of Home Care in a Post-COVID World

Stephen Tweed, Leading Home Care…A Tweed Jeffries Company

Welcome to 2020…the year that seems like it will never end. Home care in America has been totally turned upside down by the crazy COVID-19 crisis, murder hornets, and hurricanes — all on top of the caregiver shortage! What will home care be like in 2021? In an industry filled with seismic change, what will you and your organization need to do to survive and prosper.

This dynamic presentation by one of America’s leading home care business strategists will help you see the forces and trends that are affecting your future. Stephen Tweed, CSP, will offer insights and examples from his personal contact with thousands of home care leaders each year, and his ongoing research into the home care industry. He will describe five forces affecting our future, six seismic shifts shaping our industry, and seven strategic competencies you can develop to grow your business, and he’ll help you apply these principles to your unique situation.

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